We Believe All Beings
-Horses And Humans-
Deserve A SAFE PLACE To Heal.
Dove Creek Is That Place.

We believe in restoring
the dignity of the horse:

the state of being worthy of honor or respect

Our mission is to restore the dignity, purpose, and wholeness of unwanted horses who need a second chance in life and humans who need healing and direction by providing compassionate care, connection, and education.

Our vision is to heal the heart of humanity through authentic partnership between horses and humans.

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Dove Creek Equine Rescue serves what is referred to as “The Unwanted Horse Population”. The unwanted horse population is defined as “a group of horses within the domestic equine population that are no longer needed or useful, or their owners are no longer interested in or capable of providing financial or physical care”. According to the Equine Rescue Network there are 177,000 unwanted horses in the US.

Dove Creek Equine Rescue is a member of the Homes for Horses Coalition which is a coalition of professionals dedicated to advancing the highest operating standards for equine rescue and retirement facilities. HHC actively promotes the welfare and protection of horses and other equines. We do this by educating current and prospective horse owners on how to own responsibly.

Verified by the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries, DCER strives to have the highest standards of care in rescue and rehabilitation for horses who need a second chance in life.

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16201 Gordon Cummings Rd, Canyon Texas, Texas 79015