Laurie’s Story

Life throws us challenges, but there is hope and help…

In 2008, Laurie Higgins-Kerley’s life changed dramatically when her husband of 25 years and father of her four children passed away after a battle with stage 4 cancer. She went from an active mom and wife to enduring the rollercoaster of hospital stays and losing the life she knew and loved.

Laurie fell into a deep depression, but the support of family, friends and colleagues as well as her 20+ years of experience with shamanism and ancient spiritual study gave her tools to process her grief. She spent time walking the land at Dove Creek communing with horses at there, finding solace in their presence. The horses seemed to sense her vulnerability and heartbreak, coming close as if inviting her into the herd. Their connection was a salve for her broken heart.

Through months of reflecting, releasing, and tapping into her intuition, Laurie felt called to assist horses in need. In 2012, she started Dove Creek Equine Rescue where horses are rescued, rehabilitated, retrained, and rehomed. 

Wanting to share the healing power of the horse-human bond, Laurie became a Certified Equine Coach in 2017. Her certifications are from the Academy of Coaching with Horses and the EAL Academy. She joyfully integrates her shamanic practices, yoga teacher training, and coaching skills into her facilitation. Laurie holds space for clients to explore authentic expression, connect with inner wisdom, and “walk this walk” on their own path to wholeness through partnership with these sensitive majestic creatures.

With over 30 years of experience guiding healing and empowerment workshops, Laurie focuses on the transformative potential of the horse-human connection. Her own journey with grief and intuitive awakening allows her to compassionately assist others.




“Ride together under the Great Sky, feeling the ancestors speak through their hooves.”