Laurie’s Story

Life throws us challenges, but there is hope and help…

In 2008 Laurie Higgins-Kerley’s life took a drastic turn. Her husband of 25 years and father of her four children passed away. She went from a mom and wife of an extremely active family involved in high-level athletic events to a year and a half roller coaster journey of hospital stays with a stage 4 cancer. After he passed, Laurie fell into a deep depression – the life that she once knew and loved was gone forever.

Laurie spent many days at their ranch, just 30 miles away, walking the land and finding moments of solace communing with the horses. As time passed, she realized that the horses seemed to know her delicate state of vulnerability; how heartbroken and in despair, she felt. They came close as if they were offering a more intimate way of connecting… inviting her to become a part of the herd. This was a salve for her broken heart. Through many months of reflecting and releasing, Laurie was more in touch with her intuition; it ignited a desire within her to assist horses who needed a place to go.



They rescued her, so she rescued them… 

In 2012, Laurie started Dove Creek Equine Rescue at the ranch and has been Executive Director of it since. Horses are rescued, rehabilitated, retrained, and rehomed.

Because of her experiences there, Laurie wanted to create a program focusing on the healing partnership between horses and humans. She graduated from Kathy Pike’s Academy of Coaching with Horses Certification Program in April 2017. Laurie has learned to joyfully integrate her path to wholeness with a powerful, heart-centered approach. She focuses on exploring authentic expression and inner wisdom within each one of us who “walk this walk” with her.

Today, Laurie has facilitated, hosted, and led healing and empowerment workshops for more than 20 years.




“See yourself through the compassionate heart of the horse and walk the Wheel of Life to reconnect to yourself. Live Your Best Life!”