Become a Hero of the Herd

If you could change not just one, but multiple horses’ lives for just $20 a month, would you do it?

Dove Creek Ranch and Equine Rescue has been in a drought since 2020 and with less pasture to graze we are anticipating higher feed and hay costs this year. It has already hit us. Limited hay sources and higher prices have forced us to come up with alternate ways of feeding. Decreased rainfall means less grass to graze in pastures in the warmer months. It costs us $300 per horse per month and with higher prices for 25-30 horses at any one time, we are feeling the crunch.

So here’s the deal. We love what we do – we love helping horses have better lives. We love seeing them improve on a daily basis and not only survive, but thrive. We love connecting them with their new owners and get that second chance we all need sometimes. We really love nurturing the horse and human connection because we see the impact horses have on humans’ mental and emotional state.

We want to keep doing what we love doing, but we need your help. We need Heroes!

Our dynamic 2021 campaign “Hero of the Herd” is just that – 500 people, just like you, signing up at $20/month. We know with this campaign we can get through the drought and continue the good work that has been happening since 2012. We have adopted 157 horses in 9 years – that’s 75% of the horses we have received! But Dove Creek needs YOU and YOUR friends/family to be successful. Come be a part of the Dove Creek family – Make a difference in the lives of horses and humans by signing up to be a Hero of the Herd today!