Cycles of Life on Earth

Everything on Earth has a cycle

We are born, go through different ages passages, growth periods, times of change, difficult periods, maturation (hopefully) and then elder years and eventually our death passage.

There is a daily cycle – beginning, middle of day, evening, sleep to start over again.

There is a weekly cycle, monthly, seasonal, and yearly.

The sun, moon, and earth have cycles in their dance.

Seeing the apricot tree at Dove Creek this week – having watched the seeds turn into flowers, then into fruit, ripening then falling off the tree – to be recycled.  It is so fun to see that cycle! And to enjoy a juicy sweet apricot is such a delight!  So a question I ask you is what is blooming, ripening, blossoming in YOUR life?  Make sure and notice………..


Another cycle has completed at the rescue.  Our burro “Sugar” passed away this week. It was the end of her Earth walk – this lifetime.  I am saddened by her passage and I’ll tell you why.  Her life wasn’t long but she had a good one.  My mom, whose name was "Sugar", pleaded with me for years to get a burro from the BLM (Bureau of Land Management) and I finally did 5 years ago.  She was about a year old when we brought her to the rescue and she sure needed some weight on her.  It didn’t take long for her to get healthier, grazing on acres of land – something she had never done before.  Her life up to the point we adopted her had been spent in a holding pen. The reason I chose her in the pen was because she stared at me.  The other burros scattered away but Sugar stood and stared.  She was telling me in some form of communication that she wanted to go with me. So away we went!

My sweet mom loved getting photos of Sugar and hearing about her life.  My mom passed away in February at the ripe age of 95 – so the one animal at Dove Creek that gave me a little sweetness in her memory was “Sugar” the burro.  A rare liver infection was the cause of death of our little burro and although we treated her with medication, it was to no avail.  I believe it was her time to go on over the "Rainbow Bridge".  

Sugar the burro had her time here, and now I like to think of the 2 “Sugars” together in their heavenly realm, enjoying one another…

So the cycle of life completed for Sugar the burro this week.  I will miss her for sure.  I am so grateful I was able to touch her the day before she died.  Because she was sick, we had her in a pen to receive her meds.  I had never been able to touch her the whole time she was at Dove Creek since she was pretty wild and hadn’t ever had human touch.  It was a sweet moment.  Kind of like that sweet apricot I tasted this week too.

I didn’t know it would be the last time I was able to touch and pet her, but my heart is full because of it. 

Death is never an easy passage to truly understand, but it is one we all go through.  While living, we go through the ending of cycles in our own lives as well as losing those we love and of course the major one when it is our time to exit.

Look around and notice the cycles in your life.  What are you letting go of………what is ripening on the vine for you?  Notice and be thankful for the “sweetness of the apricot”.  ENJOY the love in and around you and express it to yourself first – then to those that need to hear it from you.  Be authentic.

I thank you for reading this – have a Soulful Sunday!!