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A note to potential sponsor:

Every horse needs several sponsors to fully fund their care, averaging $300/month or $3600/year at Dove Creek Equine Rescue.



Cisco is an 13yo (2006) QH flea bitten gray gelding. At 14-2 hands high, he was surrendered in February 2017 from a family in Plainview along with El Guapo. Cisco has adjusted quite well and had a girlfriend named Roxi who has been rehomed. Cisco came to Dove Creek with a diagnosis of navicular bone changes, and with proper shoeing and diet, he has done very well. He shows minor issues with his navicular, but enjoys roaming with the herd. Cisco is a regular in the volunteer program and is used to teach new volunteers how to handle a horse and groom. He loves all the attention from volunteers. We photograph him frequently because of his stunning looks!

Dimmitt Veterinary Clinic, Dimmitt, Texas
Phyllis Nickum, Cowgirls and Cowboys of the West, Claude, Texas
Teresa Torres,Natural Bliss Aveda Salon, Amarillo, Texas