Types of Sessions


Coaching sessions with horses are held in our indoor arena. They are guided by Laurie or another Equine Facilitator as well as a horse handler on sight. There are several types of sessions available depending on your goals, intents, and level of comfort, custom-designed for your forward movement. All sessions are held in person, with horses at Dove Creek Ranch. 



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Themes for Individual and Group Retreats

*Any retreat can be crafted specifically to your needs.

Phoenix Rising: What’s Next? Navigating transition courageously

We sometimes find ourselves at a standstill…..stuck…..with no clarity of what’s next. Often it is a transition we are navigating – loss of a job, home, empty nest, loss of a marriage or relationship, etc. Horses have the ability to illuminate what you yearn to see, allowing the gentle release of what no longer serves you – gaining confidence and power along the way. As you embody the archetype of the Phoenix rising from the ashes. the heart’s intelligence is accessed in a whole new way allowing a courageous new you to emerge. I look forward to assisting you in your transformation.

Navigating the River of Grief

Grief enables us to survive losses by immersing us in the deep river that flows underneath all life. Grief transports us to the deepest places when we have no choice but to let go – when the loss of vital relationships or vital attachments feels like (or is) death itself. Knowing you are not alone is a great comfort when moving through grief. Learn how to navigate this journey with Laurie and her horses who offer their guidance and compassionate presence as you travel this river of the soul.

The Alchemy of Anger

Understanding and appreciating anger is not how most of us were raised. In fact, the expression of anger could be compared to a loose cannon – explosive and loud. It can be damaging and destructive and all too often, the cause of the end of relationships. Anger is actually an important emotion because when you know how to work with it, it can help you become more authentically yourself. In this session, you will learn about the purpose of anger and how to transform it through an “anger ceremony”. You will learn tools and techniques to navigate and manage anger.

Lead with Confidence: Gain Personal Power with Horse on your Journey of Purpose

How powerful would you feel if you could move a 1000-pound being through something that might be a little scary? How could you influence and build trust with this being so they go with you? And how could you take that energy into your life and apply it to everything you are doing? In these sessions, we will explore strategies you can implement to help you regain your personal power and authenticity with horse as partner in an “Opportunity Course”. You will start to see obstacles as “opportunities”, a doorway to accessing your power in a whole new way. Become a leader in your own life!

Leadership through the Heart of the Horse for Corporate or Teens

Cultivating leadership skills and increasing self-awareness by partnering with horses happens in a safe container. Through techniques taught that guide the mind and heart to “listen” with more attention and depth, groups can experience the compassionate nature of horses.  

  • Explore the positive qualities of your team and where improvement can happen.
  • Strengthen teamwork  through better understanding of individual strengths, which can improve team productivity, effectiveness, and overall positivity in the work environment.
  • Shift focus on what is working and understanding why
  • Strengthen relationships, trust, and collaboration within the team
  • Spark problem solving approaches through improved communication

These sessions are held in the indoor arena and outdoor pens.

Building Brave Boundaries 

Understanding boundaries can be confusing at best, but they are essential to feeling safe! Boundaries define us – what is ‘me’ and what is ‘not me’. Knowing what you own as yours gives freedom and brings responsibility. We need boundaries in all areas of our lives, but especially with our partners, children, friends, and co-workers. It is liberating and empowering to communicate and establish boundaries with a 1000-pound creature: the horse. When we learn to do this, we are empowered in other areas of our lives bringing better balance and happiness.

You will learn:

  • what boundaries are
  • why we need them
  • what injures our boundary development
  • why it’s so hard to have healthy boundaries
  • how to establish healthy boundaries

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