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             Interesting Facts About Miniature Horses:

  • There's not a national registry for minis; example AQHA & APHA.

  • Their height is measured by the last hair on their  mane and not their withers.

  • Aside from dogs, mini horses are the most popular animal used for guide/service animals.

  • In terms of pulling capacity, minis are stronger than a standard sized horse.

  • They can pull 4x their body weight while standard horses can only pull 2x their weight.



CoCo is 14yo (2005) gelding, who came to Dove Creek in 2009 as a companion to Little Bear.  They are best friends and very hard to tell apart!  They are often seen together, roaming with the herd and other barnyard animals. CoCo is a favorite with the young volunteers since he is so short.  He loves being groomed and is great being led around on halter. 

Sponsored by: Patrizia da Milano, Santa Fe, New Mexico