Corporate Partnerships

We believe in the strength of our community and can have a larger impact on our mission when we collaborate with our Corporate Partners. In 2024, we are giving our Corporate Partners several options to partner with DCER, so your valuable charitable dollars align with your marketing goals and values.
There are event opportunities for businesses and groups:

❂ Unbrindled Art Auction – April 26-27th 

❂ Meet A Horse Day – May 18th

❂ Sunset Dinner – October 5th

❂ Led by Horses Workshop Sponsors – Grief (Monthly), Mindfulness (Quarterly), Team Building (reserved)




❂ Platinum Pedigree ❂

❂ Gold Gait ❂

❂ Silver Saddle ❂

❂ Bronze Bit ❂

❂ Trailblazers ❂