Team Building


Horses have the power to influence people in powerful ways. They are amazing animals that can read our energy and body language, and then reflect this back to us. Through activities with horses, participants gain insight into themselves and how they interact to accomplish goals.


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In the Led By Horses Team Building and Leadership program, we teach our clients that the value of learning from our horse partners comes from the horses’ ability to work together in a herd. We have a lot to learn from these equine partners who embody strong social intelligence as a herd animal.

Goal-oriented activities focus on people’s sensory, behavioral, and communication skills while horse serves as a compassionate, energetic, and metaphoric reflection of what is working and not working for the participants. Horses will communicate this through their unbiased feedback as to whether participants (individually or collectively) are being congruent, assertive, focused, and communicating with clarity. This is a unique and powerful learning experience based on “learning from doing” through interactive activities with horses and reflection about the activity afterwards.

Whether you work in the corporate, educational, or personal growth fields, the herd paradigm works well when building teams and behaving individually in a functional way.



Possible Outcomes of Corporate Team Building and Leadership Development:

  • Identify ways to maximize team performance
  • Facilitate successful change within an organization
  • Reveal and improve organizational barriers to communication
  • Enhance teamwork and leadership skills
  • Provide insight into group dynamics
  • Strengthen relationships for better collaboration
  • Implement creative problem-solving abilities
  • Develop an action plan to implement back in the team environment




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