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Come with me to a place where healing happens.

Our first animals arrived 7 years ago.

Since then a lot has changed.



1. We have successfully adopted/rehomed over 75% of the horses from the 158 we have received since our doors opened!

2. Our Volunteer Program has grown by leaps and bounds! Not only do individuals and families attend, also area agencies and schools send clients and students interested in our mission.

3. We have implemented Equine Facilitated Healing and Coaching (Led By Horses) for people, with horses as guide and Laurie Higgins-Kerley as facilitator.

4. Our Sponsor Program is a unique opportunity to make a difference by directly helping one of our horses. Our sponsorship program is for people who want to become more involved in a the care of a specific horse and help us continue our rescue efforts. 

5. Our Training Program is not only key to the success of the horses, but very unique under the management of Frank Castillo our resident horse trainer.

6. Our Outreach Program includes field trips and family nights for area agencies and civic groups. We enjoy sharing – not only horses but llamas, bison, mules, miniature equine animals, and assorted barnyard animals.

7. In 2017 we began an Internship Program through West Texas A&M and successfully completed a year with our first intern, Katelynn, who delighted us with her embrace of all aspects of equine and livestock management!

In addition to making our Equine Training program possible, 95% of the dollars our donors give goes to the care of our animals.

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The dollars you give effectively assists in supporting our Rehabilitation program which includes not only training, but medical, dental, and farrier services. It costs us approximately $300/healthy horse each month, however, expenses can potentially total up to $1000/month with a compromised horse like “Pauly”, who arrived at Dove Creek in the summer of 2016.

Pauly is one very proud recent Dove Creek Equine Rescue school graduate, but stroll down memory lane a minute with him by checking out this photo of his very first day at Dove Creek. We honestly didn’t know if he would make it…BUT…

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…through lots of attention from the staff and volunteers and acreage to roam with the herd, he has not only made it –

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he has THRIVED. He won the heart of all of us at Dove Creek and now has a new family!


It's all because of our donors, that we can give each and every horse what they need to succeed. You give them all an opportunity for a future full of love and a happy home.

I hope you will send a special gift today to assist us in our mission.

Thank you for being there for the homeless, unwanted horses and horses needing a second chance in life.

In appreciation,

Laurie Higgins-Kerley,
Founder & Executive Director

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