No feed? No hay? No barn?  VIRTUALLY adopt a horse!


How do I sponsor a horse or barnyard animal?

It’s easy. Click on the button above to sign up to be a monthly donor and indicate which horse you would like to adopt. You will receive an email confirming your recurring sponsorship once the payment is processed.

What does a virtual adoption cost?

Sponsorships are available at just $25 a month or more. To support a horse, it costs us approximately $300/mth per horse per month and $25/month to sponsor a barnyard animal. Your support will go towards giving your special needs horse that extra TLC so they can thrive.

What do I get when I sponsor an animal at Dove Creek Equine Rescue?

By donating $25 a month or more, you can become a sponsor! We encourage you to come get to know your horse or barnyard animal and take a photo with them!  Each annual anniversary of your sponsorship, you will receive an update on how your virtually adopted horse is doing as well as a new picture!

If a real horse or barnyard animal doesn’t fit into your everyday life, virtual adoption is the next best thing! Share the love with one of our wonderful sanctuary horses or barnyard animals who often cannot be adopted due to medical reasons or age. You will be helping to support a horse with special needs or who is in our long-term rehabilitation center and Your sponsorship will help us feed and care for these wonderful animals.