We believe in restoring the dignity of the horse: “the state of being worthy of honor or respect.”

Dove Creek Equine Rescue serves what is referred to as The Unwanted Horse Population; domestic horses that are no longer needed or useful to their owners or their owners are no longer capable of providing financial or physical care. According to the Equine Rescue Network there are 177,000 unwanted horses in the US. For horses that don’t end up in rescues or rehoming programs, more than an estimated 100,000 horses a year go through auctions and feedlots on their way to slaughter. American Association of Equine Practitioners (AAEP) 2017.

We join the UNITED HORSE COALITION in their commitment to helping horses at risk or in transition by:

  • Educating current and prospective horse owners on how to own responsibly; including proper care and assistance and resources available to the owner before a horse becomes unwanted
  • Raising awareness of the issue of unwanted horses and its consequences to horses and the horse industry
  • Reducing the number of unwanted horses and working towards eliminating the problem

A horse adopted from Dove Creek Equine Rescue comes with an honest assessment. Our goal is to find a horse that fits into your lifestyle and your heart; we pride ourselves on the bond between a human and a horse.

Rescue horses come in all shapes and sizes with as many personalities as people, but what they all have in common is their need for a second chance in life. Horses who come through our gates are all given the same amount of compassionate care and attention because they deserve it. Our horses are given every chance to regain their health and well-being and we think, on some level, they seem to know it. It becomes evident in their willingness to fight and regain their dignity. Where respect is reciprocated, a true human-horse partnership will develop, and a journey begins.