EZ is a 23yo (2001) Quarter horse gelding that came to the rescue in July of 2021 from an owner surrender with Ember. EZ’s previous owner is a veteran who upon suffering many injuries became a paraplegic and was moved to a full-care facility outside of Amarillo. With EZ’s best interest in mind, his owner made the decision to let DCER take EZ and Ember in and help them find them new homes.

EZ has made a new set of friends at Dove Creek and thoroughly loves his meals at the barn. This horse was loved by his previous owner and has been loved and cared for by everyone at DCER. Because  EZ’s hard riding days are past, he will now spend the remainder of his days in our sanctuary.



Sponsored by

Edward Jacobs, Borger, TX

Joseph Giordano, Kingsville, TX

Joella Autorino, Bronx, NY

Mike Sibley, Waxhaw, NC

A note to potential sponsor:

Every horse needs several sponsors to fully fund their care, averaging $400/month at Dove Creek Equine Rescue. Monthly sponsorships from $10-$150/month are greatly appreciated!