Franklin is a 7yo (2017) mule. Franklin is little, but mighty! He came to Dove Creek unhandled and not castrated. Underneath it all, staff could see that he had the potential to be a human friendly mule. In training, he is strong willed but very responsive and willing to learn. Since being gelded, Franklin has made many improvements. Our trainer is currently working on leading, grooming, and standing still, which is somewhat challenging for him currently. Although he is good with humans, he does not tolerate the miniature horses or dogs and often chases them away from his herd; just doing his job to protect to his herd!

As with mules, training is slow but consistent. His ideal home is someone who has experience with mules and is dedicated to putting in the time with him. If you’re interested in giving Franklin that home, please reach out!
Stay tuned for more on his training in the mean time!

Age: 7

Breed: Mule

Color: Bay

Gender: Gelding

Height: 12.3h

Temperament: 3

Ground Manners: 4

Farrier/Vet: 2

Rider Experience: Experienced

Riding Limitations: No

A note to potential sponsor:

Every horse needs several sponsors to fully fund their care, averaging $400/month at Dove Creek Equine Rescue. Monthly sponsorships from $10-$150/month are greatly appreciated!