Scamp is an 25yo (1999) bay Quarter Horse gelding who arrived at Dove Creek in 2009. He had some lameness coming out of the feedyard so he wasn’t able to be used anymore in that capacity. After time at Dove Creek, Scamp has healed his issue and dis some cattle work for the ranch some years ago.  He has been one of our “go to” horses under saddle and on the ground as a teaching horse, and combined with his great personality Scamp has been a great asset to the ranch and rescue! The volunteers love Scamp and with his curious and playful personality, he has become a favorite of everyone’s. As he ages, he has become part of the healing team of horses used in the Led By Horses program – Equine Assisted Learning – assisting others in healing emotional imbalances. Scamp is magnificent!

Sponsored by

Matt & Mitzi Wade, Amarillo, TX

Jeff & Denise Chesnut, Amarillo, TX

A note to potential sponsor:

Every horse needs several sponsors to fully fund their care, averaging $400/month at Dove Creek Equine Rescue. Monthly sponsorships from $10-$150/month are greatly appreciated!