Yukon is a 28yo (1996) Registered Quarter Horse who came to the rescue from an owner surrender in 2021. He was a great kid horse for many years, and was turned out to pasture for several years. Yukon is happy hanging around his pals, especially Chip, in the pasture and just being a horse. He is easy to handle with a gentle disposition. Because he is no longer rideable, Yukon is part of our sanctuary herd and will live out his life being a part of the Volunteer and Led By Horses programs. He is a beautiful golden gelding loved by all. Sponsor Yukon at any amount monthly!

Sponsored by

Evan Jones, Amarillo, TX

A note to potential sponsor:

Every horse needs several sponsors to fully fund their care, averaging $400/month at Dove Creek Equine Rescue. Monthly sponsorships from $10-$150/month are greatly appreciated!