How It Works

How Seizures Work

It might be a call from law enforcement or a concerned neighbor saying “this horse is skin and bones! Can you help”? Legally, in the state of Texas, non-profit animal welfare agencies do not have the authority to seize animals. We will work diligently with local law enforcement agencies to help the animal(s) as quickly and safely as possible to ensure the best outcome for the animals’ well-being.
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Reporting Abuse

Always call the local sheriff’s office first. Give them the exact address and location of the animal, and do not go onto the property where the horse is being kept as it’s against the law. However, you may take photos or videos off of the property.
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Surrendering A Horse

Surrendering your horse or barnyard animal can be a very difficult decision to make, and we respect that. We are happy to answer questions you may have to help make an informed decision.
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Charlie Brown - Before

Charlie Brown – Before

Charlie Brown - After

Charlie Brown – After