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A note to potential sponsor:

Every horse needs several sponsors to fully fund their care, averaging $300/month or $3600/year at Dove Creek Equine Rescue.


Indian is a 17yo (2002) Thoroughbred gelding who came from a surrender in our area in the spring of 2018. You will often find him hanging out with his “twin” and best pal, Greeley. He comes from a racing background and is currently rehabilitating an injury. One aspect of our operation is that we give our horses time to heal and roam in the herd. We find this often helps them rebalance and stabilize their physical and mental issues. Indian is a regular in our volunteer program and we feel with his fun personality he has great potential to be a wonderful horse for someone.

Jim & Barbara Whitton, Amarillo, Texas
Greg and Julie Mitchell, Toot n Totum, Amarillo, Texas