Led By Horses Team

Laurie Higgins-Kerley

Founder, EAL Coach

In 2008, Laurie Higgins-Kerley faced a life-altering loss when her husband of 25 years and father of their 4 children passed away to cancer. This tragedy plunged her into deep depression as she went from an active mom and wife to enduring the rollercoaster of hospital stays and losing the life she knew and loved. However, Laurie found strength through family, friends, colleagues, and her extensive background in shamanism and ancient spiritual practices. Seeking solace, Laurie spent time at Dove Creek, where she found comfort in the presence of horses. These animals seemed to sense her vulnerability, offering quiet companionship that became a balm for her soul. Her experience through grief, combined with months of introspection and spiritual practice, led Laurie to a new calling: helping horses in need. In 2012, she founded Dove Creek Equine Rescue, dedicated to rescuing, rehabilitating, retraining, and rehoming horses. Recognizing the healing potential of the horse-human bond, Laurie became a Certified Equine Coach in 2017, obtaining certifications from the Academy for Coaching with Horses and the EAL Academy. Laurie’s approach integrates her contemplative christian formation training, shamanic practices, yoga training, and equine coaching skills. She creates a safe space for clients to explore authentic expression, connect with their inner wisdom, and navigate their path to wholeness through partnerships with horses. With over three decades of experience in guiding healing and empowerment workshops, Laurie focuses on the transformative power of horse-human connections. 

To book an individual or group session, or for more information, contact Laurie at:

(806) 236-2660 or email Laurie@DoveCreekEquineRescue.org


Sheri Friemel

EAL Coach

A native of the Texas Panhandle with small-town farm roots, Sher has always been attuned to the profound wisdom inherent in nature. However, it wasn’t until June 2018 that she truly came to rely on this knowledge, particularly the intuitive wisdom of horses, as she embarked on an unexpected journey of grief following the loss of her son. Despite her extensive academic and professional background which includes a Bachelor of Science in Education and multiple certifications in Theology, Holistic Wellness, Recovery, Mental Health, and Women-Specific Needs, as well as co-authoring empowerment books – Sheri found herself struggling to cope with her tremendous loss. It was the “hands-on approach to healing and personal growth” offered by the Led By Horses Program at Dove Creek Equine Rescue that provided Sheri with unprecedented inner insight. The program’s emphasis on non-judgmental spaces, compassion, and opportunities for emotional congruency has been transformative for her. Working with the herd at Dove Creek has given Sheri access to a unique form of healing, allowing her to process her grief and rediscover personal growth in ways she hadn’t experienced before. This journey has reinforced her belief in the power of creation’s wisdom, particularly as embodied by horses, in facilitating healing and personal development.

“I was inspired to add the Equine Assisted Learning Certification to my coaching credentials. I am thrilled to be invested in returning this opportunity. And I am honored to come along side others, as they unfold, heal, and discover a more purpose filled, soulful journey. All due to the Wisdom of the Horse.” 

To book an individual or group session, or for more information, contact Sheri at:

(806) 220-8168 or email SFriemel@hotmail.com


Jennifer Landram

EAL Coach

As a Canyon, TX native, Jennifer grew up with horses and has had them as a part of her life in some capacity as long as she can remember. As a Clinical Nutritionist, Yoga Teacher Trainer, Quantum Biofeedback Specialist, Jennifer has been a holistic wellness practitioner since 2009, however, horses have magnified and expanded her professional holistic approach when she joined the Led By Horses Program at Dove Creek Equine Rescue as an Equine Assisted Learning Coach in 2022. Throughout all of her professional training and personal experience, Jennifer has found her calling in working with Veterans, PTSD, Highly Sensitive People, and Teens. “Horses are powerful teachers in their ability to assist us in making profound changes in regulating our nervous system, developing our emotional intelligence, learning how to stay in the present moment, and how to regain our self confidence,” she says, “you just can’t hide who you are from a horse.”

Jennifer encourages anyone that is seeking to learn more on how to find emotional balance, a calmer mind, and how to be more authentically themselves, to try her holistic approach with Equine Assisted Learning and Coaching to cultivate more peace in your life. More information Enlightened Health Center. 

To book an individual or group session, or for more information, contact Jennifer at:

(806) 638-0064 


EAL Coaches

Equine Assisted Learning Coaches create dynamic programs for various groups:

1. Teams and Groups: Business Training, Team Building, Leadership Development, & Professional Development

2. Coaching

3. Personal Growth, Wellbeing, Wellness, Self-care, & Mindfulness

4. Youth Education, Development, & Leadership, including at-risk and all abilities

Equine-Assisted Learning (EAL) offers a unique hands-on approach to personal growth and development. Certified equine coaches facilitate interactive activities with horses to provide participants with powerful insights into their own behaviors, relationships, and potential. Through observing and responding to a horse’s immediate reactions and feedback, individuals and groups gain self-awareness and learn how their actions impact others. EAL sessions involve experiential learning in which the horse acts as a mirror, teacher, and guide. By engaging with these intelligent sensitive prey animals, participants can better understand their own patterns, strengths, and areas for improvement. The horse’s responses reveal how one shows up and connects with others. In short, EAL offers a journey of self-discovery and possibility for positive change.