Meet Sasha, our Dove Creek resident bison…

Wednesday, May 3rd, 2017


We at Dove Creek are dedicated to providing a safe place for animals in their natural environment. We are grateful for the growth and healing opportunity it has inspired in those of us who are in contact with them.

In the Native American traditions, animals are one of the “worlds” that inhabit this beautiful planet. The teaching is that they all carry a unique gift or quality called “medicine” to the people and if we are listening or paying attention, we can enter into a deeper relationship with all of creation – to help us understand and gain awareness that we are all interconnected.

What I personally appreciate and honor is the “harmony” within the worlds of nature. If we can be still enough, we can access the beauty and joy inherent in all living species.

This wonderful animal to the left is our resident bison ‘Sasha’ – who came to us 16 years ago as a baby.

Bison have a long history… even to this day bison look much like they did long ago, except for their size.

200 years ago they ran in herds of millions across the plains, with the sound of thundering hooves radiating for miles. To the plains Indians they were a source of sustenance. (Bison and buffalo are not the same but come from the same family or species). Bison are not domesticated and have no desire to be – they want to run wild and free!

Their gift or “medicine” is to honor the Sacredness of Life and the cycles we go through. Also, Prayer and Gratitude for the abundance we receive in life. It is knowing that there IS abundance when all relations are honored as sacred, and gratitude is expressed to every living part of creation – all races, all creatures, all nations, and all of LIFE. We end up praying for the good of all!

Sasha has an ancient presence…… even when she moves it is as though she carries the timeworn song of her ancestral origins. To look into her eyes is truly an experience – the depths of power rising up reveal her species’ will to survive.

Sasha helps me remember this beautiful teaching – and to remember to practice gratitude for the abundance in my life. Even on tough days or hard times such as times of grief – I can still practice gratitude for this amazing land and the abundance of creatures here that have a safe place to heal and live.