Meet The DCER Herd

We try and adopt as many animals that come to Dove Creek as we can. Some, however, we feel are not adoptable due to chronic injuries or age. These horses if they are healthy enough become part of our Volunteer Program and/or Led By Horses Program as teachers for many and healers for others. We cherish each and every animal, horse and barnyard we receive at the ranch and hope you will become part of “The Herd” by becoming a sponsor or adopting one.

It’s about impact, goodness, and being a Voice for the Horse. We want “The Herd” community to feel connected, invested, and eager to share and get involved. Here’s what you can expect when you join as sponsor or adopter.

You will change the life of a horse.
You will help provide a second chance for a horse.
You will be part of a thriving dynamic community who cares deeply about ending the plight of the Unwanted Horse population
You will experience the huge heart of the horse.
You WILL fall in love!