Mindfulness with Horses

In today’s fast-paced world, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed, stressed, and disconnected from ourselves and those around us. However, spending time in the presence of gentle horses can help us slow down, find inner peace, and reconnect with our true selves.

Interacting with horses cultivates a profound sense of presence and mindfulness. As we enter their realm, our breathing naturally synchronizes with their calm, rhythmic breaths. Whether observing, engaging, or simply being near these majestic creatures, our minds release the relentless thoughts and distractions that so often plague us. Instead, we are gently guided into the serenity of the present moment, enticed by the horse’s tranquil nature.

Led by Horses offers a unique “Mindfulness with Horses” experience every quarter for adolescents and adults. This immersive program combines guided meditation, time with horses, and techniques to reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. An interesting fact is that horses have a powerful electromagnetic field around their hearts, five times stronger and larger than humans. Being around them allows us to attune to their harmonious state.



During Mindfulness with Horses, you can alleviate stress in a safe, supportive environment alongside our gentle equine companions. . Through guided meditation and equine-assisted activities, you’ll enhance your ability to enter a state of congruence within yourself. This will help you stay present through conscious breathing with the horses, mitigating anxiety. This enriching 3-hour experience will shed light on how your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors influence all areas of your life.

Reconnect with your own inner wisdom, immerse yourself in the beauty of Dove Creek, cultivate compassion for yourself and others, and access the courage to navigate your life in a more authentic and positive way.

One Session: $50

*No horse experience is needed and all activities are conducted on the ground – no riding.*


2024 Dates (times to be announced):


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