Dove Creek Ranch is a place teeming with animals both domestic and wild - from our barnyard animals to coyotes and red tailed hawks, we enjoy the harmony of the natural world in the beautiful Tierra Blanca canyon.

Leaving the city behind, you find yourself in a wonderfully relaxing and healing oasis on the High Plains; nestled in the awe-inspiring Tierra Blanca Canyon, just south of Amarillo, TX and 20 miles west of the 2nd largest canyon in America, Palo Duro Canyon, lies a beautiful place called Dove Creek Ranch Equine Rescue.

Dove Creek Ranch is family owned and operated non-profit (501c3), that has been treasured by the Higgins family since 1996.  The family appreciates the beauty of the Texas Panhandle, and they are committed to rehabilitating, retraining and rehoming the animals while taking good care of the land.

Rode there for the first time and absolutely LOVED it! It has great hills if you want to work on hills and tons of flat land if you want to just move out. Either way, it was beautiful out there. Seeing the rescued ‘animals’ (horse’s, donkey’s, lama’s, buffalo, goats and sheep) grazing on that much land made my heart happy. Please support this wonderful organization that saves our equine friends and if you want somewhere to ride you MUST visit this place!

- B.A.