Phoenix Rising Women’s Retreat 2022

4 Day Women’s Retreat with Horses at Dove Creek

August 25 – 28th, 2022 

Enrollment closes August 12th

Women & Horses exploring our mystical connection through the archetype of “Phoenix Rising”

 Coaching sessions with horses, nature-based ceremonies to connect with the 4 worlds of Mother Earth, morning yoga, mandala art, communal talking stick, and delectable meals prepared by certified chef Rebecca Hoehne in the ancient canyon of Dove Creek Ranch.


The Phoenix rises from the sacred ashes of her past. She represents

Rebirth, Renewal, Transformation, and Sacred Regeneration. 

Lifted from darkness into the Light, this is a complete Life Cycle.

“I knew when I walked into the living room at the ranch house at Dove Creek for Led by Horses, I felt I had found a place to belong, my safe place. I was out of balance which was offset by the warmest welcome from all in the room. I felt an immediate trust with the group, although I had been alone. I needed help to heal and found my spirit place here. I will never forget my encounter with this loving place and my new learning. Connecting with Horse and the daily ceremonies and teachings from inspiring coaches are for a lifetime. Thank you!”

SM, Austin Texas

Location: Dove Creek Ranch, Canyon, Texas

Date: August 25 – 28

Price:$1,800/person which includes lodging and meals prepared by Certified Chef – Rebecca Hoehne.

Lodging: All attendees will stay at the Dove Creek Ranch House unless you have local accommodations. Check out our Lodging Options page for availability. 

Schedule: Thursday 5:00 – 9:00 pm * Friday and Saturday 9 am – 5:30 pm/Dinner at 7 pm * Sunday 9 am-1 pm

Airport: Fly into Rick Husband Amarillo International Airport




Human beings have a lot in common with the Phoenix. Carl Gustav Jung, author of “Symbols of Transformation”, explains that this archetypal fiery creature, with the ability to rise majestically out of the ashes of its own destruction, also symbolizes the power of resilience. By this, we mean our incomparable ability to update ourselves into much stronger, braver, and brighter beings (The Myth of the PhoenixValeria Sabater). Epona, the ancient Celtic goddess of horses and mares, links the horse, the divine, and the feminine. Ancient myths and legends help us understand the incredible draw that so many women have to horses. Epona reminds us of a time when women and horses were sacred, honored, and free. 


What loss have you experienced in the past? What is rebirthing?

What does your heart crave? What do you yearn for but haven’t found the energy or clarity to manifest?


“Phoenix Rising” 4 Day Women’s Retreat is unparalleled in its scope of experience. Through “Epona” You will gain the courage and confidence to take the steps and actions to access a whole new you. You will meet and connect with some amazing horses, ones you will never forget, as well as a stellar team of coaches and staff to help you dig deep and celebrate large. 

➳ Sacred Hoop
➳ Kundalini yoga and meditation
➳ Equine Facilitated Coaching
➳ Mandala art
➳ Sacred Hoop/Medicine Wheel teachings and ceremonies
➳ Kundalini yoga and meditation
➳ Equine Facilitated Coaching
➳ Mandala art
➳ Community Talking Stick
➳ Drum journeys and dance
➳ Fire Release Ceremony
➳ Hiking
➳ Organic delectable meals prepared by certified chef Rebecca Hoehne



…all while immersed in the ancient Tierra Blanca Canyon where the skies are blue and the wind whispers your name. This place is situated in the true “wild west” where history took place, battles were fought, and land was claimed. True grit persevered and we will help you find yours. You will learn to lasso your courage and confidence and step into your new story. What dreams want to be birthed?


Your Equine Facilitators

“The experience I had was greater than I could have imagined. First and foremost, I had an extreme fear of horses. Not only did my fear of horses completely disappear, I spent time in the ring with one of the largest, thoroughbred horses at the ranch. After that beautiful, deep work we did together, I later found myself in the pasture with 20 horses, lighter, no fear and in love with all of them. It was an afternoon I will never forget. The medicine wheel work also opened me up to a connection and practice I hadn’t ever been exposed to before. I still use those techniques in my everyday life to be more grounded and connected to something greater than myself. It is beautiful work that I have a lot of respect for. Overall, my dreams are continuing to awaken every day, month, and year, but the foundation and work that I experienced that weekend, has helped to transform my life. ” 

CM, Colorado