Led By Horses


Through a weave of healing traditions and her dynamic style, Laurie Higgins-Kerley creates sacred community with horses and humans in partnership so you can access your true nature and live a more meaningful and fulfilling life. Laurie offers individual coaching sessions, custom-designed workshops for staff, executives, and any group with up to 10 people, and workshops and retreats at Dove Creek. 



Coaching Sessions


Laurie and her team are dynamic healers and teachers who combine their life-long passion for horses with decades of experience in various healing modalities. Our mission is to help people overcome limiting issues; inspiring empowerment and healthy life skills, and accessing the innate wisdom within each and every one of us.

Helping you through life’s transitions, our “whole-istic” approach helps people break through debilitating patterns and access their higher calling. The goal is to overcome personal struggles and identify and pursue your life’s purpose.

Our group retreats held at Dove Creek Ranch include a creative and dynamic weave of equine-facilitated coaching sessions, yoga classes and breathing techniques, nature-based ceremonies, exercises, art, and delicious organic meals prepared by a certified chef. Immersed in the awe-inspiring Tierra Blanca canyon, the newly remodeled Ranch house provides comfortable accommodations for individual and group lodging. Book your retreat today and access the Power of Your Potential!




Laurie weaves the Sacred Circle; a holistic approach to Equine Facilitated Learning that helps awaken and come home to your true self. By integrating mind, body, spirit, and emotions, we help you access the power of your full potential.


A universal symbol in many traditions, the Sacred Circle (also known as a Mandala) is a map representing the interconnection, continuity, and harmony of all living beings. This framework helps us see that everything is connected; that we are in relation to every other living being. The concept offers us a holistic invitation to take a journey around the Wheel of Life and find balance. Through that, we remember the sacredness of Life.


Combined with the power and wisdom of the horse, the excavation of self is accelerated. This process is designed to reveal what’s next for you; to discover new avenues of possibilities!





Upcoming Workshops/Retreats


August 25th – 28th, 2022

“Phoenix Rising”
4 Day Women’s Retreat with horses at Dove Creek Ranch


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