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A note to potential sponsor:

Every horse needs several sponsors to fully fund their care, averaging $300/month or $3600/year at Dove Creek Equine Rescue.

Scarlet is a 13yo (2006) chestnut mare. She came to the rescue in 2009 with a horse named Angel from another rescue. She was very hesitant around humans and definitely needed time in the herd. For a couple of months, all we could do was get within a few feet of her before she would want to move away. With time and patience, we were able to connect to her as she saw us working with other horses. She has been able to re-balance socially and mentally - gaining security and trust, thanks to herd dynamics. What placed her in the Sanctuary is an injury in her foot that causes limping 50% of the time so she is not able to be ridden. Willing and generous, Scarlet has been one of our volunteer teaching horses for young people - a real "sweetie". A year ago she had an eye injury which was concerning since her eye swelled up extensively. We worried that she would lose her eyesight and after daily treatment for a couple of months and loving care she was able to heal with most of her eyesight still available.
Scarlet is another horse that has seen it all - the coming and going of horses rehabilitating and being rehomed. She has much to offer if you want to pull up and stay awhile. She might have something to say....

Bryan Barios, De’Borah Designs LLC, Amarillo, TX
Kevin Jordan, Amarillo, TX