Individual Session

The horse serves as a mirror and reflects immediate feedback to us regarding our actions, behaviors, emotions, and intentions helping us become more self-aware and identify patterns that may be holding us back. While working with horses, you will enter a journey of somatic exploration, energetic awareness, emotional intelligence, presence, spiritual connection, and leadership for a new and renewed sense of clarity, purpose, and direction. We work alongside the horses to guide you through this process and help you discover insights from your experience.

Individual Session: 1.5 hour $175

Sessions are unmounted, in our indoor arena with your “Equine Facilitator”. Initial sessions include: meeting some of our incredible equine partners and practicing guided techniques on increasing body-centered awareness. As wise partners in equine-assisted coaching, the horses help you gently open the door to new possibilities. 

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Other Types of Sessions…

Can't get to the ranch but you are feeling stuck in unhealthy habits or disconnected from your purpose? Seeking more balance, fulfillment, and peace? Laurie can help you find clarity and direction through coaching that addresses your challenges through a virtual session - phone or zoom.

Her approach combines her paths of study of mindfulness practices, releasing limiting beliefs and patterns, yoga and breathing, and time in the matrix of nature to allow you to discover your true self, feel empowered, and find inner harmony—all through the wisdom of the horse.

Coaching calls can assist you with:

  • Identifying and overcoming self-limiting beliefs
  • Reducing anxiety and stress
  • Navigating grief and loss
  • Building confidence and emotional intelligence
  • Strengthening relationships
  • Boosting life satisfaction and wellbeing

Experience the power of equine energy medicine. If you're ready to transform stuck places and create positive change, contact Laurie today to schedule a virtual coaching session.

Explore emotional messages, learn about how to set boundaries, and identify and release false self-limiting beliefs. Ignite change within, practice better mental health awareness, and embrace newfound freedom! Sessions often go 1 - 1/2 hours.

Cost: $500

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A walk around the Wheel of Life. This is the Big Kahuna! If you want to make a core, cellular transformation and have better mental health awareness with equine-assisted learning and coaching, then step up and let's do this!

Cost: $800

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When deep changes need to happen there is no better way than to spend time at Dove Creek with Laurie and her compassionate herd at Dove Creek. When you feel you need to stop and take a break, make real change, gain clarity and tools to create a healthier version of you, then this is your place. With Laurie as your facilitator and guide, let the horses show you their healing power and repair any wounds that continue to linger. Allow them to illuminate your beauty, power, and innate gifts just waiting to be expressed. You will come away with a booklet containing mental health awareness and support practices and other information on your own customized transformational journey as well as many memorable moments. Give yourself the gift of healing and direction with equine-assisted learning and coaching; you are worth it!

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Gain clarity and awareness on how to move forward in your life.

Find your unique qualities and gifts.

Live life through your ethics and values and create the conditions so you THRIVE!

Experience becoming “whole” again, repair the fragmented self, and see life through a new lens.

Break free of the limits that bind you through mindfulness techniques.

Improve your relationships through healthier boundaries.