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SPONSORED BY: Karen Ellis, Amarillo, Texas

El Guapo

El Guapo which means "handsome one",  is a dark bay 18 year old gelding. He came to Dove Creek with Cisco in February 2017 from a family in Plainview.  El Guapo has some definite hoof wall issues and is being treated with special shoes. We are seeing improvement and keeping our fingers crossed!  He is one of our elder horses and  is used in the volunteer program for new volunteers to learn horse handling and grooming.  The older horses definitely require more care because they usually have health issues and most we can treat.  El Guapo is no exception and with regular maintenance, he is maintaining his health.  A sweet guy, El Guapo has become part of the Dove Creek family and not to mention - a good looking gentleman!


SPONSORED BY  Dr. David Duncan, DDS, Amarillo, Texas


JJ is a 17 year old Appendix bred gelding who has been around the block!  He came off a "kill" truck and was spotted by Frank immediately. Fiery,full of energy, and strong will, JJ was a match for Frank! He came through training like a champion and was clearly suited to be a highly skilled team roping horse.  Frank allowed PRCA riders to use him in competitions with much success for many years.  He also turned out to be a great cutting horse and spent several years in the feed yard working cattle with Frank.  When Frank took over as ranch foreman in 2013 at Dove Creek, JJ was part of the deal.  He has been a real asset to our programs as a great riding/working horse as well as a teaching horse for volunteers.  Being an "elder" has seasoned JJ, but we know he is one of our "go to" horses when a horse is needed on the ranch for work.  We are grateful to Frank Castillo for allowing JJ to be a resident at Dove Creek!

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SPONSORED BY: Jan Krieger, Iowa City, IA


Joe was our first rescue horse and considered the "grandfather" of the herd - at 22yo (1995).   He came to the ranch in 2009 when Laurie was rescuing privately.  A former roping horse, Joe has seen it all, and he in his elderly way keeps the herd in line - from a distance.  Because of his gentleness and calm energy, he is one of our main teaching horses in the volunteer program.  Another reason for this "high honor" is because he has come back twice from a harrowing foot injury. He almost lost his hoof getting caught in a cattle guard which kept him in rehabilitation for a couple of years. He was clearly unhappy being penned, always wanting to be with the herd roaming the prairie.  Because of his fighting spirit and consistent therapeutic farrier work, he has healed and now runs with the herd again!


SPONSORED BY: Debby Meadors, Amarillo, TX


Lady is a 17 (2000) year old Quarter Horse bay mare. She came to Dove Creek as an owner surrender.  If you could imagine the most calm horse in the world, this is Lady. She has been a favorite in our volunteer program and invaluable in teaching kids. Great with all ages in teaching others about how to be around horses,  we think she loves her role and brings love and calm to many.

Lady came in with a tendon issue in her back end. She clearly incurred some trauma at some point in her life as some tendons in her back legs have been severed. She drags her back feet, but seems to get around enough to roam and run in the herd. This has strengthened her muscular structure and and helped her movement in all gaits.

We think everyone should meet Lady - you will fall in love with horses for sure.

She is beautiful, kind, soulful, and a teacher!


SPONSORED By Kathy and Robert Durrett, Amarillo, TX and Dr. Susan Neese, Amarillo, TX



Leon is a 16 year old Appendix gelding.  He arrived at Dove Creek in 2014 in very bad shape. Off the track, left abandoned, starved and extremely thin, Leon was one of our most severe abuse cases to date.  He was in a critical period for a couple of months.  Thankfully he pulled through and has become one of our favorites at Dove Creek.  Always curious - Leon has had a gentle disposition from Day 1.  

Leon is featured in our video on the rescue - the horse shown in the beginning.  Check it out on our "About" page!  He is a warrior in many ways with a fighting spirit, one we prayed for fervently to heal and thrive and our prayer was answered. Thank you to the Durrett's for sponsoring this special horse at Dove Creek!


Leon Before


Leon Now


SPONSORED BY  Sarah Scott, Austin, Texas


Marlena - aka "Marley" is a 15 year old quarter horse mare.  Marlena came to Dove Creek with Frank Castillo, ranch foreman, in 2013.  She was his main working horse at that time and had been in the feed yard with Frank for many years as an all around working cow horse as well as an amazing cutting horse.  She is fun to watch work a cow!  Laurie and Greg Kerley fell in love with her and bought her from Frank in 2015 so she is a resident at Dove Creek.  Marley has been a solid working horse at Dove Creek as well as a main teaching horse in the volunteer program.  Because of her gentle disposition on the ground, she is part of the herd in the newly formed Equine healing program for people and has a true desire to help others heal.  A big heart and compassionate spirit make Marlena a favorite here.  


Sponsored by: Natalie Bright, Canyon, Texas


"May" is an 18 year old QH mare who came to Dove Creek early in 2017 from a seizure case in Potter county.  Upon arrival, we could tell she was very untrusting of humans, and when seized often animals are in some sort of shock anyway.  Fast forward to now, August 2017, and May has shown that she can't tolerate training.  It stresses her too much and she reverts to her coping mechanisms.  She has shown us that she does like to be groomed though, so she is now part of our Sanctuary.  May will live out her life at Dove Creek, running in a herd with no stress and plenty of grass to eat.  It's the cases like May's that inspire us to continue our efforts and educate others about compassionate and responsible horse care.  May would love some sponsors!





Nocona is a 5 yo paint gelding was a seizure from Potter county who came to the rescue a couple of years ago in very poor shape.  Scraggly and underweight - high strung and untrusting, he was a challenge.  Once he regained his weight and starting training on the ground, we noticed he was getting sunburned and had a chronic rash. We took him to the vet and found out about his skin sensitivity issue which makes it painful to be ridden or brushed.  No clear answers for his treatment,  he was placed in our Sanctuary so he can  be in the herd and roam the land in his natural setting.  Nocona is a striking horse and gets photographed more than any other horse.  He is truly iconic symbol of our panhandle history.


SPONSORED BY Dawn Henderson, Dallas, Texas


Roscoe is a 14 year old bay roan gelding, who came to Dove Creek in 2009.  He was Hunter's (Laurie's Son) first horse and a working cow horse.  Together they learned to do ranch work, roping, and worked on other ranches.  About 4 years ago, Roscoe "retired" from ranch work.  At that time, Christie Shippy Head, ran the equine division of the outdoor musical "TEXAS"in Palo Duro Canyon, and she incorporated him into the play during the summer run of 2016.  In the fall, Roscoe was then returned to Dove Creek Ranch.  As he progresses into his wiser years, he is especially suited to work with new folk, and has come to be dubbed as the “Gentle Giant.”  Roscoe now serves us through our Volunteer program and Equine Facilitated Healing program, where he has a powerful impact on human lives, attributable to his huge heart, exuding love, intelligent savvy, and amazing strength.


SPONSORED BY Pebby Comer, Mary Epperson & Jennifer Fields all from Amarillo, Texas



Scamp is an 18 yo bay QH gelding. He came to Dove Creek in 2012 from Panhandle Safe Haven in Amarillo. He had some lameness coming out of the feedyard so he wasn't able to be used anymore in that capacity. After time at Dove Creek, Scamp has healed his issue and does very well doing light cattle work for the ranch.  He has been one of our "go to" horses under saddle and on the ground as a teaching horse, and combined with his great personality Scamp has been a great asset to the ranch and rescue!


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Scarlet is a 11 (2006) year old bay mare. She came to the rescue in 2009 with a horse named Angel from another rescue.  She was very hesitant around humans and definitely needed time in the herd. For a couple of months, all we could do was get within a few feet of her before she would want to move away.  With time and patience, we were able to connect to her as she saw us working with other horses.   She has been able to re-balance socially and mentally - gaining security and trust, thanks to herd dynamics.  What placed her in the Sanctuary is an injury in her foot that causes limping 50% of the time so she is not able to be ridden.  Willing and generous, Scarlet has been one of our volunteer teaching horses for young people - a real "sweetie".  A year ago she had an eye injury which was concerning since her eye swelled up extensively.  We worried that she would lose her eyesight and after daily treatment for a couple of months and loving care she was able to heal with most of her eyesight still available.
Scarlet is another horse that has seen it all - the coming and going of horses rehabilitating and being rehomed. She has much to offer if you want to pull up and stay awhile. She might have something to say.......