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             Interesting Facts About Miniature Horses:

  • There's not a national registry for minis; example AQHA & APHA.

  • Their height is measured by the last hair on their  mane and not their withers.

  • Aside from dogs, mini horses are the most popular animal used for guide/service animals.

  • In terms of pulling capacity, minis are stronger than a standard sized horse.

  • They can pull 4x their body weight while standard horses can only pull 2x their weight.



Tatanka, which means "buffalo", is a 18yo (2001) miniature gelding who came to the rescue with Dakota.  He was a bit feisty when he arrived, but has settled down in the last couple of years.   Tatanka is photographed often because of his fluffy mane and beautiful face. Thanks to Page Steed of PS Ventures, Inc. for this amazing photograph!

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