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I am absolutely amazed by the Equine Healing provided by Laurie. I went into my session with no expectations. After all, my “therapy” is my horses and I wasn’t sure how this could even help me, but it did. I know from personal experience, with a life time of horsemanship, what I experienced in the round pen was different from anything else I have done. It really made me reach deep into what was going on inside of me instead of focusing on the horse. I have trained myself to be so calm around horses and not show emotions for fear of adverse reactions. This round pen experience made me let go of the control and focus on myself. Exposing my personal challenges and witnessing how the horse responded to me was enlightening. I left the session with a better understanding of self and self awareness, in which I experienced with Laurie’s guidance and the horse’s actions. I left that round pen with a lighter heart and a new focus on life. I highly recommend this program to anyone (horse person or not) to experience a unique way to overcome any road blocks in your life.
— ST, Amarillo, TX

Learning to look within myself and honoring who I am as an integral part of this world is the common thread of the teachings and knowledge that Laurie has shared with me. Laurie’s depth of knowledge of strategies to heal and become whole are astounding, but it is her deep level of empathy and her willingness to use radical candor that has guided me to a higher understanding of my own self worth and purpose. She tactfully and gracefully serves as a guide to draw clients out of their comfort zone where true healing and hope lay in wait. She has multiple modes of therapy at her disposal and sews them together with wisdom to help her clients reach their highest potential.
— JS, Amarillo, Texas

The equine therapy sessions that I have experienced with at Dove Creek have shown me reflections about how I relate to myself and others, and how I express my natural and false self in ways that only a horse could show me. Laurie does an extraordinary job of setting up the sessions to be a healing experience for everyone involved, even the horse, and she is very supportive in helping you to integrate and process after the sessions. Laurie helps others blossom into their full beauty, and I highly recommend you experience a equine session with her at Dove Creek Ranch.
— JL, Amarillo, Texas
My session was a beautiful exploration into self-inquiry. As I stood with my horse, the reflection of my own participation in difficult relationships, was very clear and meaningful... Once the session in the round pen with my horse was complete, Laurie and I talked about the experience and she gently guided me with significant questions, which helped me go deeper in the understanding. For the months that followed, the emotion of my equine therapy continued to guide me through the maze of undoing self-created patterning, that I no longer need or want. This therapy is direct and quick to facilitate personal change. I recommend it for anyone certain that they are READY for the change they seek!
— TK, Amarillo, Texas

I enjoyed my session with Laurie and her healing horse. In my session I felt a feeling of relief! What I was holding on to emotionally was not mine! I remember a time when I was 12 or 13 years old when my parents were fighting and I took it on ( the War between the Masculine & feminine) I acknowledge It was their fight, not mine! I now feel Free from that War. Thank you Laurie!
I would recommend everyone to have a session!
— SV, Phoenix, Arizona

Laurie Mountain Starlight has been a guiding force for me in my spiritual growth and self awareness. She inspires me to stay spiritually active and to use the tools she and others in our community have taught me at her beautiful equestrian sanctuary, Dove Creek. These tools have helped me to stay grounded and connected with purpose and prosperity. She has also taught me to live life to the fullest! I am blessed to have her as a spiritual guide and friend!
— MM, Dallas, Texas