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Our Pygmy Goat

Interesting Facts About Pygmy Goats:

  • Pygmy goats originated in Africa

  • They ususally live to 10 – 15 years

  • They like carrots for treats

  • They are often used for their milk production

  • They are flexible and hearty and adapt well in all climates

  • A female is called a doe

  • A male is called a buck

  • They are really good jumpers and like to jump over things.

  • They get along well with other animals and are trainable.

  • They are often seen as pets in households these days.

  • They are affectionate and loving.



Thelma is our delightful pygmy goat who arrived at Dove Creek in 2016.  She is relaxed most of the time unless one of the dogs chases them for fun and games - but that's about it. Otherwise, you will see her roaming, mostly lying around in the main pen and surrounding pasture - staying pretty close to Tico as he is her protector.

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