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Our Anglo-Nubian Goat

Interesting Facts About Anglo-Nubian Goats

  • Magnificent Milk - Can produce two gallons per day!

  • Easy to handle - They have a wonderful disposition and make milking an enjoyable task

  • Strong and sturdy, they are versatile and can be used for meat, dairy or pets.

  • Sound Alert! Nubians are known to be a bit more vocal than other dairy breeds.


SPONSORED BY: Liz Zuniga of Amarillo, TX

SPONSORED BY: Liz Zuniga of Amarillo, TX

Tico our resident goat, is the protector of the sick pen.  When he first arrived at the rescue in 2015( as a baby) he was going to be dinner for the cowboys but Miss Laurie heard Tico's bleat and put an end to that plan once she saw him - and his life was spared!  Tico has humored all of us at Dove Creek with his playful antics from standing on his back feet propped up on the horse troughs, eating the feed to being playful with the barnyard animals - you will find him holding court in the training and sick pens.  Also when new horses come in he is their first friend!  Tico has stolen our hearts and definitely a part of the fabric of Dove Creek Equine Rescue.

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