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A note to potential sponsor:

Every horse needs several sponsors to fully fund their care, averaging $300/month or $3600/year at Dove Creek Equine Rescue.

Tora is a 13yo (2006) bay Thoroughbred mare who came to us in April of this year (2019). She came to us from Potter County after being found tied to a tree by 2 citizens at the Canadian River north of Amarillo. She was found very malnourished and severely dehydrated. With a lot of love and care from the Potter County sheriffs, she arrived to the Rescue 3 weeks later still in rough shape, but doing better than before. Due to Tora’s severe malnourishment her fur was coming off in clumps. With better feed and clean water, we expect her to bounce back in no time! Tora is off to a great start towards a better life, and we can’t wait to see her fill out. Stay tuned as she continues to shine bright!