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In Training

These horses are in training and not yet ready but CAN be adopted if you want to continue their training program.Take a look!

Scale is 1(calm) - 5 (hot)




Copper is a 13yo gelding. He came to the Rescue in August of this year (2019) from an owner surrender in the area. He will begin training soon. Stay tuned for more on this shiny guy!

Age: 13 Breed: Grade Quarterhorse Color:  Sorrel Gender: Gelding Height:  15.2 Temperament: 1 Ground Manners: 2 Farrier/Vet: 2 Rider Experience: TBD Riding Limitations: None

FEE: $800



Lyla is a beautiful 6yo grey Quarter Horse who came to Rescue from Potter County in April 2019, along with Diamond. She is currently in the training program, and making great progress. Lyle is very athletic and quick so we look forward to her progress. The sky is the limit with this mare. Stay tuned for more.

Age: 6 Breed: Quarterhorse Color:  Grey Gender: Mare Height:  15 h Temperament: 2 Ground Manners: 2 Farrier/Vet: 3 Rider Experience: Advanced Riding Limitations: None



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