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In Training

These horses are in training and not yet ready to be adopted. When the horses are ready, they will be moved to the "Ready To Ride" category. If you are an experienced rider or trainer, there might be some options for you here. 

Scale is 1(calm) - 5 (hot)


Bruce Mosely, Turn Center Children’s Therapies, Amarillo, Texas
Shelly Winston, Montrose, Colorado



Apache is a 5yo gelding with a kind and gentle personality who came from another rescue near Canton, TX in May of 2018. He came in with another compromised mare “Dory” - who did not make it. Always a heart breaking situation, especially because Apache was so connected to Dory. They were both previously neglected and malnourished as colts which is what landed them in a rescue, but also created various medical issues - primarily a severe tooth abscess for Apache. We had it pulled and he completely healed! He is currently in the training program and has the will power and drive to work. Stay tuned on this guy and his amazing progress!

Age: 5

Breed: Quarter Horse

Color:  Black

Gender: Gelding

Height:  14.3

Temperament: 1

Ground Manners: 1

Farrier/Vet: 2

Rider Experience: N/A

Riding Limitations:  None

FEE: $800


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