Equine Assisted Coaching


What is EAL and why horses?

It has been said by psychologists that only 10 percent of human communication is verbal. Today’s culture seems immersed in words and their importance. Our dependency on digital communication (phone, text, social media, etc.) conditions us to ignore the 90 percent of our nonverbal communication that is rich with intuitive heart intelligence. It leaves us feeling disconnected and separate from self, life, and others. We become unaware of our deeper layers of emotions and how they play out in our lives: problems at home, communication with family, relationships in the workplace, or school. Our oblivion affects our response to difficult situations, developing unhealthy habits in how we communicate our feelings. 

Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) is an experiential journey where the horse, as co-teacher and guide, provides immediate insight into your relationship with self and others – how your presence truly affects the world you live in.


Horses are keen observers and sensitive to movement and emotion. They respond to what your body language, emotions, and thoughts are conveying – your non-verbal communication. They become a powerful mirror of reflection; tuning into your energy and reflecting back that which is felt on the subtle layers. The horse can identify where wounding is located in the body – physical or emotional. Because horses give honest feedback with no judgment or ego, we can use their behavior to gain self-awareness and process what is happening in the moment. As prey animals, it is critical for horses to live in the present at all times using their sensitivity and emotional intelligence to survive. These characteristics make horses masters at helping integrate your aspects of self: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Your whole interconnected self. 

Horses have existed for millions of years in herds or bands, and carry this ancient song in their DNA still today. Because of this, it is often said that they are a bridge to the spiritual world, inspiring us to slow down and listen to the small voice within that is waiting to be heard.


Laurie and her team of talented Equine Facilitators, along with their beautiful herd of horses, are your guides and teachers on your journey of self-discovery and healing. 

In Led By Horses sessions and workshops, participants have an opportunity to heal emotional scars and develop new life skills and practices. The horse-human connection deepens the ability to identify the root causes of what makes everyday life difficult: lingering emotions, false beliefs, old patterns, codependent relationships… all roadblocks that prevent us from moving forward. Through social interaction with horses, they gently and compassionately show us how to discover our own wisdom and gain access to new ways of being.

Coaching sessions with horses are primarily held in the round pen in our indoor arena. They are guided by Laurie (or another Equine Facilitator), as well as a horse handler on sight. There are several types of sessions available depending on your goals, intents, and level of comfort, custom-designed for your forward movement.

Types of Coaching Sessions

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“Each of us are like a thread in the tapestry of life, we each play an integral part in the weaving, the evolution of not only our own soul’s journey but the evolution of humanity. Let ‘Horse’ help you find those valuable pearls and gems within, just waiting to be excavated.”

— Laurie Higgins-Kerley